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Our Story

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Circool was created from real school experiences.  When our CEO's son was in 2nd grade, his school hosted a "Community Circle" every Friday morning.  200+ kids, 200+ parents and grandparents, 50+ staff all packed the gym to sing songs, tell jokes and hand out awards.  It was a community staple everyone looked forward to.

However, on multiple occasions, uninvited guests walked into our school.  They should not have been there.  They should not have had access to our classrooms, our children, our safe space. 

So Jason, with 20+ years in software startups, went on a search to find a solution to fill this gap.  But nothing seemed to fit for schools.  So he did what any parent would do, he started building it with the help of friends. 

Today, we share an unrelenting focus and energy to protect every child and every school. 

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