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School Staff Startup Checklist

Welcome to Circool! We're glad you are here. Allow me to tell you a little bit about Circool.


Circool keeps your students safe at school events.

Beyond sculpting young minds, our kids safety is the top priority. During school events, security measures should heighten. That goes beyond simple sign-in sheets. Circool is here to help you with that.


School staff and Parents select who attends school events.

For every event, school staff selects which grades are invited to attend an event. Only parents with kids in those grades will receive an event invitation. Using Circool, parents can then invite family and friends to attend the event with them.


School staff responsibilities.

With Circool, your phone becomes a ticket scanner. Once the event starts, you'll use Circool to scan parents (and other guests) phone to approve entry. You'll also be able to print name badges immediately. Circool will verify that each person should be at the event and close to your kids

In this article, we will walk though activating your Circool account and scanning guest ticket to enter an event. Each step will direct you to additional resources and instructions. Use the checklist below to track your progress!

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