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Creating a New Event

Depending on your level of access, you may be able to create events for your district, school or grade level. Creating new events is only available in the school admin portal.

To create a new event:

  1. Login to the school admin portal

  2. From the dashboard, click on "Create New Event"

Event Details Tab

  • Event Name: The main name of your event and will be seen first by your guests.

  • Event Description: Describe what your event is all about. Tell guests why they should attend the event. This will show up on your email invitation that you'll send out.

  • Host: Select which school is hosting the event. If there are multiple hosts, just select the main school. This will been see by your guest in their app.

  • Require Printed Name Badge: If you will be requiring name badges to be printed out when guests enter your event, check this box. When your staff scans a guests ticket upon event entry, each guest will have a name badge printed out. (also see Setting up the Zebra Label Printer)

  • Event Date: Select the date of your event.

  • Start Time: Select the time your event starts.

  • End Time: Select the time your event ends.

  • Admission Time: Select the time you wish to start accepting and scanning guests. We recommend setting this to 30 minutes prior to your Start Time. If your Admission Time is set to the same as your Start Time, guest will not be able to enter the event before it starts. Hint: This of this as your "Doors Open" time.

  • Location Search: What is the address or name of the place where your event takes place? You can begin typing an address (ex: 123 Main Street) or the name of a place (ex: Atlanta Zoo). When Circool finds a match, you can select it from the list that appears. Once you select a location from the list, you will see the City, State and Zip fill in.

  • Capacity: Select how many guests your location can comfortably hold. This won't put a cap on the number of guests attending the event. Rather, Capacity will help you track the number of guests attending vs. the event space capacity. If you feel that your number of guests will exceed the capacity, you can always change the location of the event.

  • Event Directions: Give your guests specifics on where to go once they get to the event location.. For example, "we will meet in the gym" or "please gather at the store entrance".

  • Street Address, City, State, Zip: If the Location Search did not complete these fields for you, just add the address to the event. Your guests will be able to click on the address for turn-by-turn navigation to the event.

Clicking "Save Progress" will save your event details, but not publish the event. This will close the Create New Event window and return you to the dashboard. You can find your event under the Today's Events or Upcoming Events tab.

Clicking "Cancel" will not save any changes made to your event. This will close the Create New Event window and return you to the dashboard.

Clicking "Next" will take you to the window where you can select your guests.

NEXT: Selecting Guests >


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