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How we keep your data safe

Your data is your data. Circool does not, and will, not sell any user data.

There are certain cases where we must share your information to help us operate Circool.

Privacy Policies are typically long and boring, but here's our view:

All of Circool’s use of data are in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) governing the use of student data.

Circool receives all of its student data from your schools Student Information System. We only collect your child's name, current grade and school and all parents/guardians connected. That's it.

As for parents, we will also ask for your name, email address, selfie pic, birthday, and phone number. If your school stops using Circool or your child no longer attends the school, your information is deleted out of our systems within 90 days.

Your data is stored in Amazon Web Services - the most secure data centers in the world.

When you're invited to new events or events changes, Circool will send you an email. We'll never spam you or sell your email address. Sometimes we'll send you non-event related emails (like your birthday) but you can always opt out.

Sometimes, in very rare instances, we have to share the information in our databases with government entities. For example, if we have information on a crime or suspect in a crime, we have to open our doors. Luckily that doesn't happen often.

If you need additional help, please email

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