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Inviting Family & Friends to Events

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Previous read: Adding Family and Friends to My Circool

School events are all about an engaging community, especially for the students. With Circool, you can invite your adult family members and friends to your school events. First, make sure you check out how to add family and friends to your "My Circool" (see previous read ). That ensures they have an account before you invite them to events.


Inviting family and friends to an event

1. Login to Circool and search for the event under Today or Upcoming.

2. Click on the event to take you to the event details.

3. Click on the "Guests" tab. Family or friends that you previously invited will show here along with their current RSVP.

4. Click on "Add Guest" button. You will see all your existing My Circool family and friends listed.

5. Clicking the persons name will select them to be added to the event. You will know the person is selected when the gray plus sign turns to a green check mark. Clicking the persons name again will undo the last selection.

Note: If you see "Invite by another guest" under a family member or friend, that person has been invited by someone else and you will not be able to add them. But at least you'll see them at the event :).

6. Click "Save and Send Invites" button. This will email/text your selected family members and friends an invitation to the event. A message will appear with "Guest(s) Added"

If you need additional help, please email

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