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How to RSVP to Events

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

In order to receive a school event ticket , you will need to RSVP to the event sent from the school. Once you RSVP "yes", you will be issued an electronic ticket.

How to RSVP:

1. Check your Email for a new event email from Circool, with the subject line of "New Event". That email will contain all the details on the event. You will see an RSVP button that will take you to the event.


2. Check your Text Messages for a text with "School Name invited you to a new event". That text will contain a link right to the event in Circool. To signup for text notifications, add your phone number to your Profile. Here's how: Signing up for Text notifications

3. Login to Circool and search for the event under Today or Upcoming - Events.

3. Clicking on the event will take you to the event details.

4. You have three options for attending: Yes, No, Maybe.

Don't worry, you can always change your RSVP response.

5. Change your response by clicking on "Change RSVP".

6. When you select "Yes" to your RSVP, you will be issued a ticket that will be used on the day of the event.

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If you need additional help, please email

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