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Scanning Guests into an Event

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

One of the best features in Circool is the quick and efficient way to scan a guests phone to validate their entry into your events. Only parents, guardians and invited family and friends will have tickets to enter the event. The process to scan tickets is quite easy, but lets show you how this works.

Scanning Guest Event Ticket

  1. Login to Circool with your Teachers account from any mobile device. At this time only Android and Apple device are supported and only the Safari web browser works with Apple devices.

  2. Click on Today's Event tab

  3. Find and click on the the event that is taking place or about to start. The event must be in a "Started" status before you can scan guests tickets.

  4. Click on "Event Code Scanner". You might be prompted to allow Circool to use your camera. Click Allow or see Allow Safari to use your camera

Scanning Guests Tickets

The camera on your mobile device should be active and you'll see a window following your camera.

Align your camera window with the guests ticket on their mobile device. Circool will automatically find, scan and validate the ticket for you.

If the guests ticket is valid for the event, you will see a green check mark.

If after scanning a guests ticket you see a red X, its likely that the guest has pulled up the wrong ticket. Ensure that the guest has the right ticket and try again.

Printing Name Badges

Also See Connecting to Zebra Printer

If the event does not require name badges to be printed, you are ready to scan the next guest for entry. Nothing to press!

If the event does require name badges to be printed, you will see a button for "Print Label & Scan Next".

Clicking this button will print out a name badge for the guest, clear the scanner and prepare you to scan the next guest.

See Also: Connecting to the name badge printer

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