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School Staff Startup Checklist

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Welcome to Circool! We're glad you are here. Allow me to tell you a little bit about Circool.

Circool keeps your students safe at school Events.

Beyond sculpting young minds, our kids safety is the top priority. During school events (plays, ceremonies, etc.), security measures should heighten. That goes beyond simple sign-in sheets. Circool is here to help you control who can enter those events.

School staff and Parents select who attends school Events.

For every event, school staff selects which grades are invited to attend an event. Only parents with kids in those grades will receive an invitation to attend the event. Using Circool, parents can then invite family and friends to attend the event with them.

School staff responsibilities.

With Circool, your phone becomes a ticket scanner. When the event starts, you'll use Circool to scan parents (and other guests) phone to approve entry. You'll also be able to print name badges immediately. Circool will verify that each person should be at the event and close to your kids.


In this article, we will walk though activating your Circool account and scanning guest ticket to enter an event. Each step will direct you to additional resources and instructions. Use the checklist below to track your progress!

Activate your Circool account

Install app to print name badges

Scanning guests for event entry

Printing name badges on entry

Switching to a Parent role


1. Activate your Circool Account

You will receive an email to join Circool. Once you receive the email invite, follow these steps to create your Circool account:

  1. Open the email with the subject line "Your School name invites you to Circool" The email message looks like this: (check your spam folder too)

  2. Click Activate, then complete the profile information as requested.


2. Install app to print name badges

Your phone will actually scan a QR code on each guests phone, and then print a name badge.

In order to print name badges after you scan a ticket, you need to download a small app to your phone.

  • Open up Google Play store or Apple App store.

  • Search for and install "Centid". Or click the icon below:

For complete details see Connecting Phone to Name Badge Printer


3. During Events: Scanning guests for event entry

  1. Just before the event starts, connect your phone to your schools WiFi.

  2. To use the name badge printer, you need to the be on the same WiFi as the Zebra label printer. There should be a sticker on the Zebra label printer with instructions.

  3. Login to Circool. You'll see all today's events.

  4. Find and click on the event that is taking place or about to start.

  5. Click on "Event Code Scanner". You might be prompted to allow Circool to use your camera. Click Allow or see Allow Safari to use your camera.

  1. The camera on your mobile device should be active and you'll see a window following your camera.

  2. Align your camera window with the guests ticket on their mobile device.

  3. Circool will automatically scan and validate the ticket for you.

  4. If the guests ticket is valid for the event, you will see a green check mark.

  5. If the event does not require name badges, then scan your next guest.

  6. If the event does require name badges, see Printing name badges?


4. During Events: Printing name badges?

  1. If the event requires name badges, click the "Print Label & Scan Next" button.

  2. You will see CentID appear with the screen like below. This is normal for the initial set up.

5. Click Printers (bottom left)

6. Click Search. Under "Available Printers", select the ZD420 (ZebraPrinter). If there are multiple options, look to see if there is a label on the physical name badge printer near you that matches to one in the Available Printers list. If so, simply click to select it.

Hint: Although you might see several printers listed, only select Zebra or Circool printers.

7. Name Badge will print. Once connected, Circool will automatically process and print the last name badge. You'll then be returned to Circool.

8. Good to go! Your name badges should now print quickly as you scan your guests.

For more details: Scanning Guests into an Event

For more details: Connecting Phone to Name Badge Printer


Here are helpful links to help you get started!

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