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Selecting Guests on New Event

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Integration with Student Information Systems

When we set up your school(s) on Circool, we synced up with your SIS to match students with parents/guardians and put the families in a circle (hence the name!). We also matched teachers with their corresponding school(s). This will allow you to select schools or grades to invite parents/guardians and teachers to events.

Adding teachers and parents to a new event

After you set-up the initial event details, you can then select your event guests.

Simply check a single grade or All Grades. Checking a grade will select all the parents/guardians in that grade to receive an email invitation (once you send it). As you select grades and teachers, you you'll have a visual confirmation the recipients appear to the right.

If you check the Teachers box, all teachers in the school will also receive an email invitation with the event details.

Clicking "Save Progress" will save your event details, but not publish the event. This will close the Create New Event window and return you to the dashboard. You can find your event under the Today's Events or Upcoming Events tab.

Clicking "Cancel" will not save any changes made to your event. This will close the Create New Event window and return you to the dashboard.

Clicking "Next" will take you to the window where you can preview your guest list and send out your event invitation email..

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