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Email Event Invitations

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After you set up the initial event details and select your events guests, you're now ready to send an email invitation to your guests.

If you're currently setting up a new event, you will find this option on the Messages tab of the Create New Event window. Or if you are editing an event, you can click directly on the Message tab.

2. Subject: This will be subject line of the invitation email you send. By default, the subject line will read "New Event: " + your event name + your event date. For example, "Invitation to Community Circle on September 1". You can replace the default subject line with your own.

3. Message: This will be the body your invitation email you send . By default this is blank. A message body is not required, but helps your guests understand why the event is occurring. You do not need to add the date, time, location, etc. to the message, as our default template handles that for you.

Event Email Template:

4. Publish: When you hit the Publish button, we will send an email each person listed in the Guardians and Teachers windows. The event is now live and ready for your guest to RSVP.

HINT: Be sure that your event details are correct as you might be sending an email to many people.

If you need to make changes to your guest list before you publish the event, simply click on the "Back" button or on the Guest tab on the left.

Clicking "Save Progress" will save your event details, but not publish the event. This will close the Create New Event window and return you to the dashboard. You can find your event under the Today's Events or Upcoming Events tab.

Clicking "Cancel" will not save any changes made to your event. This will close the Create New Event window and return you to the dashboard.

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