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Using Ticket to Enter Events

Updated: Apr 26

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In order to attend a school event, all guests will need a ticket. All event tickets are electronic and accessible from your mobile device.

How to get to your ticket:

1. Login to Circool and search for the event under My Events, then Today or Upcoming.


2. Locate the event in your personal calendar. The event link should be in your calendar.

3. Once you're logged into Circool, find and click on the event.

3. Click on "My Ticket" to see your ticket that contains a QR Code along with your beautiful smile:). If you do not see "My Ticket", that means you have not RSVP'd "Yes" to the event. You can change your RSVP by clicking Change RSVP at the top.

Note: If you have not set up a profile picture, you will be prompted to do so before we issue your ticket. See My Profile.

4. Show this ticket to the school staff member standing at the entrance. They will scan your ticket and approve your entry.

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