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Add family and friends to My Circool

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My Circool is your trusted "circle" of family and friends that you want to invite to school event(s). Think grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and even those cousins that show up in their RV at Christmas.

Circool is connected to your school's student information system (SIS). With that, we automatically group primary family members together. But we understand each family's make-up is unique. Each student many have one or many designated guardians in the SIS. By default your immediate family members will be included in My Circool.

For example, Zack and Kelly have two children, Kaley (5th grade) and Richard (2nd grade). When Kelly looks at her My Circool, she will see Zack , Kaley and Richard in her list. When one or more guardians are connected to a student, those guardians will also be connected together through their My Circool.

How to view who is in My Circool

  1. Log in to Circool

  2. Click on the My Circool tab

  3. By default, you will see your child and any other guardians to your child.

Adding a person to My Circool

Adding a person to My Circool should be used for those family and friends that will attend events. As a parent, you still control what events they get to attend. Once you add a person to My Circool, that person will receive an email from us to establish a user account.

  1. From the My Circool tab, click Add New

  2. Complete the information on your family or friend

  3. When you click Activate, and if the person does not have a Circool account, we will send that person an email to create an account. We will go ahead and add that person to your My Circool, but you won't be able to invite them to events until they active their account

  4. If the person you add already has a Circool account you will see a message appear "User Added"

To invite family and friends to an event, see Inviting Family & Friends to Events

Removing a person from My Circool

You are able to remove those family and friends that you added to My Circool. Direct family members like children and guardians cannot be removed.

  1. From the My Circool tab, scroll to find the person to remove

  2. Click on the hamburger icon next to the persons name

  3. Clicking Remove will remove that person from your My Circool. Note that this will not deactivate the persons account or prevent them from attending future events.

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