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Getting Started Guide: Circool for Parents

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Welcome to Circool! We're glad you are here. Allow me to tell you a little bit about Circool.

Circool keeps your kids safe at school events.

Have you ever noticed during school events (plays, graduation, or any gathering) that there's rarely any checking of who gets through the doors? Do you trust that everyone there, really should be there?

That's Circool's job.

School staff and Parents select who attends school events.

When a school creates an event, school staff selects which classes are invited to attend an event. Only parents with children in those grades will receive an invitation. Using Circool, parents can then invite known family and friends to attend the event with them.

Only invited people, with tickets, can enter the event.

School staff will use Circool to scan a code on all guests phone (that's you!) as you enter. We verify that each adult should be at the event and close to your kids. Kids are not required to have tickets.

Here are helpful links to help you get started!

Good to know: Circool is best accessed from your phone in a web browser (Chrome or Safari)

If you need additional help, please email

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