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Visitor Management

Simple, Secure and Mobile Visitor check-in.  

Built specifically for K-12 schools, Circool's Visitor Management solution simplifies the school entry for every visitor without sacrificing security measures.  

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What's Important to You?

Circool stands alone as the only Visitor Management solution that enables schools to securely and confidently validate entry into your buildings, whether checking in individuals or managing large groups of visitors. No computers, license scanners, bar code readers. Simply use your existing mobile devices.

But what truly sets us apart is our unparalleled commitment to supporting your schools. We promise to be there for you every step of the way, ensuring that you have unwavering confidence in the protection of your students, staff and community. With Circool, you're not just adopting a system; you're gaining a dedicated partner who cares deeply about your community’s safety and satisfaction.


 ✔ 100% mobile solution for schools and visitors.


✔  Nightly sync with PowerSchool and Infinite Campus

 ✔ National and local sex offender checks on every visitor.

 ✔ Instant Alerts via Email & SMS to SOR's and Administrators.

 ✔ Accept ID and Passport from over 200 countries.  

 ✔ Instantly know who is in your school and for how long.

 ✔ Instantly convert to over 200 languages.

How it Works

For School Staff

Scan Parents and Staff Digital ID

Staff can quickly scan guardians, teachers and staff pre-approved digital QR code, streamlining entry to only seconds.

Scan Government ID from 200+ countries

Scan drivers licenses and ID's from 230 countries, ensuring reliable identity verification for every visitor.  Every visitor instantly gets verified through local and national sex offender registries.

Instantly Print Name Badges

Immediately generate personalized name badges for visitors upon check-in, enhancing security and visitor tracking.

Silent Emergency Alerts

Activate discreet alerts to notify designated personnel of emergencies without escalating the situation.

Custom Watchlist

Maintain a custom list of individuals who require additional scrutiny or are barred from entry, enhancing onsite security.

Visitor Check-out

Easily check out visitors from the system, keeping accurate logs of entry and exit times for security and administrative purposes.


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For Visitors

Parents Digital ID

Through our integration with PowerSchool and Infinite Campus, custodial guardians simply present their digital QR code from their mobile phone to be scanned and checked-in. 

External Visitors 

Circool enhances security by verifying the authenticity of drivers license and government ID's, ensuring a match between the ID and the individual presenting it.  This process is 100% mobile and takes less than 30 seconds. 

Faculty and Substitute Teachers

Similar to parents, your Faculty will have digital ID's that are scanned by your front desk admin, recording entry and exit times in seconds.

Support for over 200 languages

Circool instantly converts to the native language of your visitors, further personalizing the experience for your guests.

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