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Parents converging after school emergency calls can “cause more harm than good”

Published Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Concerned parents who rush to a school after hearing that an emergency was reported there can create additional problems. That’s part of what NASRO executive director Mo Canady told WOWK TV, Huntington, West Virginia.

Canady explained that when parents decide to converge on a school all at once, “it creates a traffic nightmare and it clogs up, quite frankly, the pathways that emergency vehicles need to get through. I know parents want to be with their students in that situation but rushing to the school can cause more harm than good.”

Canady suggested the parents become familiar with and adhere to the reunification process that’s explained in their schools’ emergency plans. And if a school’s plan doesn’t include a clear reunification process, parents should advocate for one. Candy also told WOWK about other repercussions of hoaxes in which callers to police departments falsely report school shootings.

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