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The event that started Circool

Updated: Jan 30

The event that started Circool - School Safety Solution

When my son was in 2nd grade, our school hosted a weekly event called Community Circle. There were hundreds of students, parents, grandparents and faculty all in the gym every Friday morning. Kids told jokes, sang songs, gave announcements. It was great for brining the community together. But there was a problem. We never checked who walking through our doors. Our school doors were open and unguarded. Anyone could walk in and have access to our school. And guess what, they did. On more than one occasion adult men walked through the doors that did not have connection to our school. You can imagine the feeling that every parent felt after news spread. The school turned to signed notebooks and handwritten name tags on entry. But still no security at the door. Something better had to be done. Being in software for 20 years, we decided to build a software solution that was inviting for parents and easy on staff. Circool was born. And today is helping keep dozens of schools districts safe during events. There is more to be done and we are leading the way. We'd love to hear about your story!

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