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Safe School Events.

Your doors are locked during the day.

All guests check in at the front desk.

But your events let through anyone unchecked.

School Event Safety


Dismissal Management

How it works

How it works


School Administrators

During school events, planned or unplanned, you want confidence that your students, faculty and parents are safe. 

Circool gives you the ability to create events, invite school parents/guardians and staff, and host events knowing exactly who is attending. Each event guest is verified against national and local sex offender databases.

Like your events, Circool is completely mobile and accessible from any device.


Parents are notified of new school events via email and SMS.  Parents use the event invite to RSVP, letting the school know their attendance plans.  As you enter the event, your mobile device serves as your e-ticket into your school events. 

Parents can create circles of trusted family and friends within Circool.  Parents use these circles to invite family and friends to events, helping the school to control access to the school event.

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March 9

Teacher Conference

March 25


March 6

Community Circle

March 18

Field Trip

March 20

Community Circle

March 9

Teacher Conference


When large groups of communities gather, you want to protect them. With Circool, event entry is fast, efficient and safe. School staff scans each guests mobile ticket which automatically and quickly prints a name badge. 

Title 1 requirements are important for funding. Circool includes deep analytics that tracks all of your events and attendance electronically and accurately. 

Our Mission

To create safe and efficient events in order to protect our students, school staff and their guests.

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What is Circool

For K-12 schools, Circool is a school event management solution ensuring that your school event guests are safe. 

Who we Serve

Specifically built for K-12 schools, of all sizes and dynamics.

Who are we
Community Matters.

We believe our schools represent the foundation for a thriving community.  By providing an environment that protects our youth, we aim to build healthier neighborhoods everywhere.


Did you know...

Baby with Toys_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Attempted child abductions between 2005 and 2014 in the United States.

Source: National center for missing & exploited children.  “A 10-year Analysis of Attempted  Abductions and Related Incidents”.  June 2016

Parent and child_edited.jpg

Children abducted between 2008 and 2017 by a parent or family member.

Source: U.S. Department of Justice, Facts and Statistics

School Bus & Children_edited.jpg

of abduction attempts 

of school-aged children occurred on a school day.

Source: National center for missing & exploited children.  “A 10-year Analysis of Attempted  Abductions and Related Incidents”.  June 2016

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